Guide to 'Vodacom M-PESA Transaction Charges'

Vodacom M-PESA Transaction Charges
Transaction Range Transaction Type and Customer Charge
Minimum (TSh) Maximum (TSh) Transfer to M-PESA Users Withdrawal from M-PESA Agent / ATM
100 999 10 N/A
1,000 2,999 30 500
3,000 4,999 60 600
5,000 9,999 120 800
10,000 19,999 300 1,200
20,000 39,999 350 1,500
40,000 49,999 350 1,800
50,000 99,999 600 2,200
100,000 199,999 650 2,600
200,000 299,999 850 4,200
300,000 399,999 1,200 5,500
400,000 499,999 1,400 6,500
500,000 599,999 1, 850 7,000
600,000 699,999 2,000 7,000
700,000 799,999 2,000 7,200
800,000 899,999 2,250 7,400
900,000 1,000,000 2,500 7,500
1,000,001 3,000,000 5,000 8,000
How much will it cost me to send a registered Vodacom M-PESA user?
Vodacom M-PESA rates for sending money to a registered user will depend on how much you wish to send. For instance, while it will only cost you TSh 10 to send between a minimum of TSh100 and a maximum of TSh999, sending amounts past TSh 1,000 up to TSh 2,000 will cost TSh 30.
How much will it cost to Withdraw from a Vodacom M-PESA Agent/ATM and the maximum withdrawal?
Registered Vodacom M-PESA users can withdraw money sent to them from any M-PESA Agent. The minimum withdrawal amount M-PESA users can withdraw from Vodacom M-PESA is TSh 1,000.
How much is the minimum balance a user needs to have in their account before sending money?
You need to add transaction fees to the actual amount you wish to send in order for it to get through. For example, to send TSh 5,000 to a Vodacom M-PESA user you will need to top up your M-PESA account with at least TSh 5,120 since it will cost TSh 120 to transfer.
How much is the suggested minimum balance a user needs to have in their account before sending money?
This is the minimum amount Vodacom M-PESA users need to have to ensure the amounts they send remain the same when withdrawn at a Vodacom M-PESA Agent. As such, this includes both costs for sending and withdrawing money from an agent. For instance, for TSh 5,000 to reach a registered user in hand you will need to have a minimum balance in your M-PESA account of TSh 5,920, that is TSh 120 for sending and TSh 800 for withdrawing at a Vodacom M-PESA Agent.
How much is the suggested amount to send?
This is the amount to the users needs to send to the receiver inclusive of the Vodacom M-PESA Agent withdrawal costs, so that the amount remains same after withdrawing from an M-PESA Agent. For instance, you decide to send TSh 5,800 then the other person receives TSh 5,000 after TSh 800 is levied as M-PESA Agent withdrawal charges.