Guide to 'Tanesco Electricity Bill'

Electricity connection types in Tanzania
D1: Low Usage Tariff for Domestic customers who on average consume less than 75 kWh per month. Any unit exceeding 75 kWh is charged a higher rate of TZS 350 per kWh. Under this category, power is supplied at a low voltage, single phase (230V).

T1: General Usage Tariff for customers including residential, small commercial and light industrial use, public lighting and billboards. Power is supplied at low voltage single phase (230V) as well as three phase (400V).

T2: Applicable to general use customers where power is metered at 400V and average consumption is more than 7,500 kWh per meter reading period and demand does not exceed 500kVA per meter reading period.

T3-MV: Applicable customers connected to medium voltage.

T3 - HV: Applicable to customers connected to High Voltage including ZECO, Bulyanhulu and Twiga Cement.